About Us

So who are the Wytchewood crew? Well here’s the short version long version (because Cassiel is always too verbose).


about-cassiel2I’m the organizer, the talker, the idea maker. I love to dream, to visualise our ideas, and then organize them in detail. (Often in Excel spreadsheets!) I maintain the website and do all the tech stuff, and I also oversee Wytchewood finances and all the niggling details. I have a brain that enjoys that sort of thing. :)

I’ve a passion for language, for technology and computers, and for health, well-being, and sustainability. I currently work as a freelance translator (Japanese/English) to earn what cash I need; previously, I’ve worked in web design, and have done translating/interpreting full-time. I’ve spent 3 years living in Japan, and I’ve visited America, Canada, Germany and China.

I’ve enjoyed spending my life following whatever my dream of the moment is. And now, my dream is this. Building Wytchewood. Watching it come to life, and filling it with the ideas — and ideals! — that are closest to my heart.

I’m interested in growing my own produce; in keeping ducks and chooks and geese; in having a little herd of alpacas; in creating a food forest all my own; in a million different ideas I’ve had, from keeping bees for honey, to spinning alpaca wool, to producing spices, to making natural, healthy beef jerky, to selling at farmers markets. I may only enact a few of my ideas, but I love to have ideas. If I have a million ideas and only carry out a dozen of them, that’s still better than if I only have one idea and carry out none!

Contact: cassiel@wytchewood.net



about-bron2Bron is the dreamer, and also the financer. Without her, Wytchewood would never have been more than a pipe dream! She was the one who first had the dream that this could ever happen, and who then went about making it a reality. Bron is hands-on, and in the moment; so long as she’s motivated about something, she will get things done.

Bron has loved horses since she was a child, and rode extensively in her teens, but life circumstances pushed her away from a career in horses, something she has always regretted. Now she’s finally ready to take ahold of the lifestyle she always wanted, and surround herself with horses – both her own and other people’s!

Bron is also passionate about health and well-being, and is interested in permaculture and long-term land sustainability. She’s greatly looking forward to implementing many of the ideas and concepts she’s read about in past years, but could never actually carry out while living in a tiny apartment in Sydney!

Contact: bronwyn@wytchewood.net



about-dahlia2Dahlia is our beloved woofer. She’s an Italian Cane Corso, which is a fancy name for a type of mastiff, and she was born in late 2008. She’s a guard dog who loves most of all to protect us and take care of us and be with us; she’ll never range far from us, and if one or the other of us is out of sight she’ll fret like crazy. They told us that Corsos are meant to be rather aloof, but somehow we ended up with a raging extrovert – she loves other people and will greet just about anyone she meets. She’s well-known as “Miss Charisma” in the area she grew up in, and she has charmed the pants off of every single plumber, workman, or moving man we’ve had visit us. She loves squeaky toys and playing tug and being the self-appointed policeman of any other dogs in the area. She also particularly loves men and children, so it’s rather unfortunate for her that she ended up with two single women with no interest in kids. ;)



about-hugo2Hugo was born in mid 2011, and he’s a rescue cat – he was found and brought in to our local vet, and after a couple of cuddles in the waiting room, we fell in love. He’s the most laidback cat we’ve ever met — nothing phases him, and nothing scares him. (Not even the vacuum cleaner.) He’s bold as brass when it comes to Dahlia, and they love to wrestle and fight and chase each other all over the place. Hugo has been known to make Dahlia cry when he gets too vicious with his teeth! He’s a real mischief maker and when he’s in the mood for it, cannot be trusted with anything. He will knock things off bedside tables to get you to wake up and feed him, and he will happily climb on the hot stove and lick the just-used frypan while you’re eating dinner. He’s also a sweetheart who will sit on you and purr his little head off, and he likes to spend time with people; he will follow you indoors or outdoors, and come running from across a paddock if you call. He likes cuddles, but only on his own terms — he chooses when and where and for how long. (So it’s ironic that his nickname is Huggles.)