Hoof Trimming

Bron & HorseMy name is Bronwyn Lawrence, and I am a current student at the Australian College of Equine Podiotherapy. I greatly admire the hands-on work of Pete Ramey, and the continuing academic research of Professor Robert Bowker. I enjoy both science based and ‘real world’ based approaches to the continuing growth of our knowledge of equine foot care. I appreciate that there are different schools of hoofcare, and hope to use the elements of each which work the best.

I live in the Murrumbateman area and will service the Yass, Binalong, Goulburn, and Canberra areas.

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About Barefoot Trimming

Barefoot trimming is a method of horse foot care which aims to maintain horse feet in their physiologically correct form. Horse feet have evolved to be the most suitable base for them, and have integrated functions for support, locomotion, shock absorption, and touch. To do this, their shape must be maintained to retain the functionality they are born with.

Horse hooves grow continuously throughout their lives, and when living in their ideal environment, the rate of wear on the hoof wall will match the rate of growth. However in captivity horses rarely meet the ground and movement requirements to create this wear. Human intervention can replicate the wear of their ideal environment.

A barefoot trim will follow the shape of the individual foot to keep it functioning in a physiologically correct manner.

In the past, metal shoes have been used to help protect a horse’s feet from the wear and tear of work. While they have done what was needed throughout history, in modern times we require very different things from our horses. They are no longer work machines, easily replaced when broken, but are frequently beloved pets. We now wish for our horses to live healthily, happily and comfortably into old age. Breakdown and retirement due to chronic lameness in a horse’s teenage years – or earlier – is becoming less acceptable. Rigid metal shoes break much of the shock absorbing abilities of the hoof, contributing to stress damages such as ringbone and sidebone, arthritis, and navicular syndrome and disease.

In combination with physiologically correct trimming, we also now have access to hoof boot technology – a removable shoe with a more flexible sole and a variety of padding options. It is able to be used when necessary and removed when not, such as when riding a horse who usually lives in a soft paddock on a rocky trail. This allows a horse with a foot adapted to and functioning well in a grassy paddock to live shoe free, but to still be used in a human’s world.

If you are interested to know more, I would be happy to discuss hoof trimming with you in more detail and help you decide the optimum care routine for your horse.