Recs & Links

There’s a lot of sites we visit, a lot of ideals and concepts we follow, and a lot of things we like to share. Here’s just a few that might interest you.

Earthships & Eco-Friendly Housing

We’re building Earthships on our property, because they fit in best with the ideals we’d like to see in sustainable housing. They produce their own power and water, they reuse water multiple times, they are thermally insulated, they reuse waste products in their construction, and they include greenhouses where food can be grown.

  • Biotecture – home of Mike Reynolds, the designers of Earthships. This is the website to find out more information about Earthships, about what’s going on in the Earthship communities around the world, and to buy e-books and design plans to build your own. We find the site hard to navigate at times, but it has all the information you need!
  • Earthship Blogs (to come)


Sustainable Landcare

  • Permaculture Business World – Nick Huggins is our go-to guy for any permaculture and landcare questions that we have for our property. He’s already been a huge help for us in assessing properties we were interested in, and giving us guidelines for how best to utilize the available land. We’re looking forward to continuing to rely on him in future, and we definitely recommend him to anyone else!


Just Eat Real Food

We follow the basic tenet of ‘just eat real food’. If it comes in a package and has more than about three ingredients, we don’t eat it. These are a few websites with more information about eating the way we do, as well as recipe sites.

  • Robb Wolf – the forerunner of the ‘Paleo’ movement, Robb Wolf is a smart, sassy guy with a background in biochemistry and years of working with patients under his belt. His Paleo diet has helped cure a lot of people suffering from various illnesses that modern medicine has done nothing to fix.
  • Mark Sisson – like Robb, Mark is the forerunner of the ‘Primal’ movement, which is similar to Paleo but with its own quirks. Mark has an unbelievable amount of information on his site not only about food, but about lifestyle; about getting back in touch with our ‘Primal’ roots. Mark, too, has helped an incredibly number of people improve the quality of their lives through diet.
  • Chris Kresser – Chris is an incredibly brilliant young man who really knows how to do his research. He has a lot of dietary and health information on his website, and some of it may really surprise you. He goes against the grain on a lot of subjects, but he never says anything without the data to back it up. We have a huge amount of respect for him and the things he has to say.
  • The Foodee Project – conglomerating recipes from countless Paleo and Primal blogs into an easy-to-use format, Foodee is one of our favourite places to go to inject new recipes into our life.
  • Chowstalker – like Foodee, Chowstalker conglomerates recipes from many Paleo and Primal blogs in one easy place. Although there’s some crossover, the two tend to offer a lot of different recipes, so we like to browse both when looking for new ideas. Chowstalker also has a sister site, Dessertstalker, if you’re looking for healthy sweet treats.


Local Food Sources

  • Goldenholm Beef – we buy from these guys regularly at the local Farmers Markets at Yass and Murrumbateman, and will be ordering more once we have a better freezer setup. They’re absolutely lovely people, and I cannot say enough awesome things about their beef. It is absolutely delicious! Give them a try – you won’t be disappointed. 
  • (more to come!)


Health & Wellbeing

  • iHerb – although we eat very healthy, for various reasons, including years of poor diet and life-long health conditions, we continue to supplement with various vitamins. iHerb is our preferred place to source these, and is very reliable with great prices as well! If you’re a new customer, use our referral code of FIC195 with your first order to get $5-10 off. (This link should automatically enter it for you – if not, just include it as a ‘referral code’ when placing your order.)
  • OraWellness – there are a lot of things wrong with traditional toothpastes, not the least of which is the surfactants used (in particular, a lot of people are very sensitive to sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate!). There are a lot of great alternatives and the ‘Brushing Blend’ from OraWellness is our personal favourite. Our teeth feel fantastic since using this, and the gum inflammation that Cassiel constantly suffered when using traditional toothpastes has cleared up completely. If you have trouble with traditional toothpastes, consider alternatives like this which are free of harmful ingredients – this blend is made from natural oils only.
  • Vibrams / Barefoot Inc – humans were never really meant to wear shoes, and shoes these days are moving us further and further away from our natural way of walking. The Vibram FiveFingers shoes allow us to mimic our natural barefoot walking style, while giving our tender feet protection from the harsh elements. We both wear Vibrams almost exclusively, and have both had huge improvements in stiff joints and joint pain since making the switch. There’s no going back! If you find the look of toe’d shoes to be too offputting, there are other brands now making minimalist/barefoot shoes that cover all the toes, so look around. Barefoot Inc is the local Australian rep for Vibrams. Be warned that their stock is generally a lot more limited than the overseas sites – we usually get a friend in the US to buy from the US site and send to us when Barefoot Inc is out of our preferred sizes/styles.


Body Care & Indulgence

  • Chagrin Valley – traditional soaps have a lot of questionable ingredients in them – again, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate is included in most, along with other unneeded harsh chemicals. But places like Chagrin Valley make high quality, natural soaps, made from traditional oils and free of artificial ingredients. Chagrin Valley also offers shampoo bars which are the only things we use now to wash our hair, and our hair has never felt more fantastic. Many similar soaps and shampoo bars can be found online or even at local farmers markets, etc, but make sure to check that they’re not using artificial ingredients!
  • Villainess – while not quite as back-to-nature as Chagrin Valley, Villainess make high quality skin-care products, focusing on eco-friendly while still being lush and decadent. Their products are primarily made of natural ingredients, and their body scrubs are preservative free, meaning they have a time limit once opened — but believe us, you’ll use them up damn quick. ;) This is our one-stop shop for truly indulgent body care.
  • Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab – we absolutely adore perfumes and luscious scents, but neither of us likes traditional perfumes, particularly when considering the alcohol content. That’s where Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab (BPAL) comes in. They make perfume oils, which are alcohol-free. A tiny drop goes a loooong way. And their scents are the most decadent and delicious things we’ve ever sniffed! Both of us own huge and varied collections of BPAL, and wear different scents depending on our mood.